I recently had my a review session, combining – due to a bit of disorganisation – feedback on both the second and third years of my PhD. As part of the process, I had to submit a “plan for completion of the thesis”. I thought it would be worth posting it here, if only as salutary relic of my optimism at this point in my research.


Dates Activity
November 2014 Read primary sources for chapter four (on Shakespeare abroad) and write a short paper on this material for a conference in Nice.
December 2014 Finish reading for chapter four and write first draft of chapter.
January 2015 Present a paper taken from chapter four at BSECS 2014; revise draft of chapter four; read further primary sources for chapter three (Shakespeare’s illusion).
February 2015 Read for chapter three (Shakespeare’s illusion) and write draft of chapter three.
March 2015 Revise draft of chapter three; read further material for chapter one and chapter two; revise draft of chapter one.
April 2015 Write draft of introduction and write draft of conclusion.
May 2015 Revise introduction and conclusion.
June 2015 Assemble and being revision of entire thesis.
July 2015 Finish revision of thesis, edit and submit.

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