Curating Letourneur

This is a bibliographical post. In the following table, I’m going to list the rough contents of all twenty volumes of Pierre Letourneur’s translation of Shakespeare into French. I am also going to provide a link to the digital copy of each volume on Google Books. To find out why I think this is important, take a look at the bottom of the page. Continue reading Curating Letourneur

Les Circulations Musicales et Théâtrales, 1750-1815

I’m writing this early one afternoon in Paris. The sky is grey, the air is cold, and Nice feels even further away than a six hour train journey. I’ve decided to compose a little post on my time in this city, both to record some of the new thoughts the conference inspired and, more ambitiously, to return to the warm shores of the Mediterranean in spirit if not in person. Continue reading Les Circulations Musicales et Théâtrales, 1750-1815

Doing things with style

I hesitate to admit this, but it’s quite rare for me to find an academic book that I enjoy reading. Maybe it’s because I’m picking the wrong authors, or maybe it’s because I always come to these volumes with such a utilitarian mindset that I make myself capable of taking pleasure in them. Sometimes, however, I do read books of this nature as recreation, and this post is dedicated to one such text: Joseph Roach‘s It, which came out in 2007 and, to quote the blurb, travels between the long eighteenth and twentieth centuries in a discussion of “the easily perceived by hard-to-define quality possessed by abnormally interesting people”: in other words, “It”.
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Translation / Performance

I am not good at German. I am painfully aware of this, because I can measure my ability in this language against my skill with French, and so tell, with depressing accuracy, that I have the level of a first-year undergraduate. This has been making life hard for me recently, as I decided to include German material in my last chapter, the one on how the acting of Shakespeare is seen from abroad in the eighteenth century.
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