Lead Weights on Rubber Sheets

A page of Thomas More written by Hand D, supposedly Shakespeare.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve written a summary of my PhD. When I created this blog, I had five chapters (on editors, theorists, actors, illusionists, and ambassadors), and instituted blog post categories accordingly: the way they have fallen into disuse is but one symptom of the gradual evolution of this project.

The thing is, every new chapter draft I write, like a lead weight on a rubber sheet, changes the contours of everything around it. What follows at the end of this post is my current thinking, based on the current form of the thesis, drafted as three, twenty-thousand-word chapters. Continue reading Lead Weights on Rubber Sheets

An Article Comes Forth

So, back in the mists of time, back before this blog and even back before the start of this thesis, I decided to read some writing by Madame de Staël. Everyone should do this.

In my case, I read her Corinne, ou l’Italie, her De la littérature and her De lAllemagne. My interest in Shakespeare was already well developed by this time (the bard and I go much further back than the mists of time), and I found much in these texts that caught my interest. Once I was back in Cambridge, and not too deep in my doctoral research, I devoted some time in September 2012 to writing up my thoughts on Staël’s relation to Shakespeare, especially with regard to Corinne. Continue reading An Article Comes Forth